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Experienced Shanghai Criminal Defence Lawyer

The criminal lawyers working with Lawyer Ruan possess a vast amount of experience in all areas of criminal law and have effectively defended individuals charged with every type of criminal offense. Indeed, lawyer Ruan has represented people in Toronto charged with everything from possession of marijuana to murder. No case is too small; no case is too big.

Mr. Ruan, your Shanghai criminal lawyer will stand beside you, ensuring that your rights are protected, straight through to the end of the trial process.

Keep the lines of communication open between you and Lawyer Ruan , your Shanghai criminal defense lawyer, and in return you can expect skillful professionalism, unbiased representation, sound judgment, personal attention and an aggressive defense strategy. Each of these elements are crucial in ensuring the highest quality legal representation possible.

Lawyer Ruan and his team of highly experienced criminal lawyers in Shanghai, are very well-versed in defending every criminal charge in the Chinese criminal code, including variations of the following:

  • Drunk Driving offences
  • Assaults (Domestic, Sexual, Aggravated, and other Assaults)
  • Drug Related offences (Possession, Trafficking, Importing, Manufacturing)
  • Firearms and other Weapons Related offences
  • Thefts and Frauds
  • Murder, Attempted Murder and Manslaughter
  • Bail Hearings and Bail Reviews
  • Extradition Matters
  • Victim Support and Assistance issues

Lawyer Ruan, a Shanghai criminal defense lawyer is well equipped to ensure the wheels of justice turn smoothly and that the rights of those charged with criminal offences in Shanghai area are protected without prejudice.

Those charged with, or even simply accused of, a criminal matter often report feelings of disparity and isolation. If convicted they face the removal of their civil liberties and face threat of alienation from their family, friends and community. The assistance of a qualified Shanghai criminal lawyer is imperative in ensuring that these rights are protected and that the individual charged has access to the very best legal resources.

Lawyer Ruan and his team of criminal lawyers in Shanghai are available to provide a consultation to anyone requiring legal representation in a criminal matter. If you or someone you know has been charged with a criminal offense contact Lawyer Ruan.

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Lawyer Ruan  Chuansheng

P.H.D.  Criminal Law science Professor,Parter

Hengtai Law Offices

Mobil:13916179443 021-62262625

Address:Room1103-1105,Long Zhi Meng LiJIng Grand Bulinding ,1118 West Yan'an RoadShanghai P.R.C.



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